These Killing Nights

by MentalBait

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released April 24, 2014

Thanks for the inspiration to The Meteors, Klingonz, Krewmen, Demented are Go, The Meantraitors, The Quakes, Godless Wicked Creeps, Koffin Kats and many many more!
We’re grateful for amazing music you create and perform!

Thanks to Minsk psychos, especially Sid, Chikatillo, Jello and Ghoulves for support, Ukrabilly Crew and Twaryna, Ivan and Rebels from Sumy for amazing festivals and gigs, all russian, european and american psychos for being true since ‘80s! Keep rockin’ friends!

Special thanks to Tame69 for his fan-fuckin’-tastic cover art,
and Pavel Chaplin for amazing photos!
Thanks to Pasha Stigma and A. Karpenia for help in recording backing vox.


all rights reserved



MentalBait Minsk, Belarus

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Track Name: Cult of Guns
Long spliff in my teeth and chaos in my mind
The grandfather's gun my best friend tonight
I'm outlaw man in outlaw times
This rusty hogleg will resolve all my troubles

Loaded gun can give me a chance
To survive in the twilight till someone
Want to blow out my brains.
This cult of guns rules the world

Subconscious motive - cold steel in my hand
Gunpowder with blood it's so happy blend
Precepts for my life from Daddy Outlaw
To strike the first blow! To strike the first blow!

Noway, can’t to explain
To dead-end kids my right to life
Except menace to their life.
Another time I still alive!
Track Name: Strange Green Light
I was walking late one night
All I wanted - to had a good time
But strange green light caught my mind
(whoa) … I was surprised!

What was that? Strange Green Light! x4

I found myself in a big black dome
Still alive but not alone
By the Creatures surgery was done
(whoa) … I'm brain in a can!

(Chorus) x3
Track Name: The Land of Nod
So many nights without sleep.
Cobwebbed corners and candle in my hand.
Don't wanna start my twilight trip.
To the Land of Nod from my half-lost flat.
New fearful midnight I wait.
Sleepless time soon will be over for me.
I am the Nightmare Demons bait
In waking or in sleeping it’ll be too late.

Deep silence was broken
By tall-case clock.
Like sound of a key
Being turned In a lock.
In lock of my sanity.
This hands of a clock.
Like key to the gate
To the Land of Nod.

My life is graveyard for my dreams.
Through the crowd of wingless angels I came.
Subconscious game nobody wins,
But I must to take part in this game.
The floor is covered with the signs.
I try to whisper the horrible spell.
Ghosts from my mind surrounded me.
So closer and closer! Please, drag me to hell!

Track Name: 8-ball Rolling
You live your life like 8-ball rolling.
It explains why you so lonely.
Bright light at the end of the tunnel
U'll never see...

Shock therapy for young losers
Mistakes come one by one
And death is one step closer
What have you done?

Bad dreams, cheap drinks, fail fights  
For heroes of our time X 3
So many people say to you
"Can't call it life, can't call it life!"

So many choices on a pool table
So many options to play them all
You shouldn’t fall too soon
You better roll like a rolling ball!

Every end is just beginning
So keep walking and don't give up
No time to be a good boy
Come and take… All u want!

Track Name: Bitch from Hell
Red lips, black hair,
Tattoos, so sweet affair!
U said she’s baby from your dreams.

Hight hills, sly smile,
U’ve got desire.
Her sight we’ll drag u straight to hell!

She was a bitch from hell! x4

Now u thinks u’re the king,
And walking with the Queen
But girls are tricky things u’ll wing one day.

She’ll suck u to the end,
And will tell u: “Be my friend!”
Next day u’ll see her walking with her ex.

Track Name: Emptiness
Every night I wake up in a sweat,
Inspired moment as always I'd oversleep.
My hardest life was made me so dead inside,
And horrible night visions are haunting my mind.

Six feet under my foes and my friends.
They cannot hear my songs in their graves.
My Sinner's Highscore show me - I'm best!
What instead of my soul - emptiness!

Closer to me I can hear Death' steps
I’m versifier, my life - clumsy verse.
But I may thank only myself for that.
No one can help me, no one can get.

Every night I gonna to sleep.
Cold bed, cold night also make me flesh creep.
Misspent youth, bleak future. I let...
No one can help me, no one can get!

Track Name: The Land of Nod pt.2
Like frost works I appear,
Through walls and floor - your fear.
Through smoky kitchens like a drought
To step outside of the Land of Nod! x4

In deep silence u will open your eyes.
In deep silence… but u won’t rise!

U never get a grip on your mind
Especially at midnight full of frights.
At your personal hell I’m a child.
Where you wrapped to duvet
I put out the light!

Track Name: Last Resort for Kaptin Chainsaw
It happened at the Goddamn Island.
I never thought to be a pirate…
Old cave like one-eyed native whore.
Pay with your life and say no more!

I’m so glad to reach my final point of destination!
Last resort for Kaptin Chainsaw (x2)
Old treasure was stolen by the damned deadman - my Quartermaster!
Last resort for Kaptin Chainsaw (x4)

It was the night I shared the spoil.
But I was killed by the gang of Doyle.
I made the deal with Beelzebub!
Immortal now - no one could stop!


Last chorus:
All these bastards were not ready for my resurrection!
Last resort for Kaptin Chainsaw (x2)
Them burn in hell like burns fuel in my old chainsaw!
Burn in hell like fuel in chanisaw! (x4)
Track Name: Strangler of Minsk
When night time shows its nature
I’m crawling through the town
But now u feel no danger.
Blue moon put on her crown.

I don't know who tonight,
Young lady or old man.
It happens without fight,
I squeeze cold neck again…

The fright…
Will freeze your mind!

Strangler of Minsk - my slaughter disease.
I’m coming for you, nothing u can do!

I cross Addiction square
To Hopeless metro station.
I’m the demon from nowhere.
Dead city - my temptation.

I don't know who tonight,
Young lady or old man.
It happens without fight,
I squeeze cold neck again…

(Chorus) x2
Track Name: Svisloch Mermaids
U cannot stop these killing nights.
The nights when pure evil rise,
Brutal vixens opens eyes
Nights like the sharpest knifes!
You gonna get desire pills
As always stewed to the gills.
You want to hit - you have no fears
But they'll kill you, will break your dreams!

Cause Svisloch mermaids got long knives…

You walkin' in the riverside
City plunged in dark night
You get once over, you allright!
But mermaids will kill you, honor bright!
Steel razors under freakum dress
Are stronger than your imprudence
Your imprudence without a place
Tonight you'll get the death embrace!

Cause Svisloch mermaids got…
Long knives! Dark nights!
The fear in your eyes!
Long knives! Dark nights!


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